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Evaluation Process




Computer aided management system is created as a division in the University, which maintains student records, examinations and administrations.

Student Database :

The college maintains Student Database with full information of the following. Student Admin NO, Student full name , father name occupation, mother’s name occupation, date of birth, permanent address, AADHAR NO , identification marks, semester I D, EAMCET HTNO, rank, marks, admission quota, contact mobile numbers, E-mail, religion, caste, passport size photograph, signature, thumb impression, qualifying exams etc. and the same will be adapted every year.

  • The schedule of the examination (internal assessment) is finalized in the academic council. Class tests are conducted either centrally or at departmental level.


Online Examination Form

The Students will submit the Examination form and the same will be attached to their main data base.

Online Hall Ticketing

The hall tickets are generated online & will be downloaded by Heads of the department. The students have to collect hall tickets from Heads of the departments.

Online Nominal Rolls & Attendance Statement

The nominal rolls are prepared by CAMS with collaboration of Examination branch and it will be deployed on time for examination purposes. The Heads of the department in turn submit them to the University for information.

Online Sessional Marks & Practical Marks

The internal marks & practical marks are entered in CAMS portal and the same will be sent through SMS to parents and students. The detailed data can be viewed by students on line.

Online Question Paper

Online question paper will be sent to the chief superintendent/principal 10 minutes before the commencement of examination.

Bar Coding

Answer scripts are given bar code and after the examinations, the answer scripts are coded for on ward transmission to verification.

  • Answer scripts are sent to the department for evaluation
Question Paper Storage

The answer script bundles are sent, by the examination branch, to store room after evaluation for maintaining archive.

Grading System for CBS

Grading system is introduced for B.Tech., M.Tech and MBA students, so as to comply with the specifications proposed by other Indian and foreign universities.

Recounting & Revaluation of Scripts

The revaluation of the answer scripts for the aggrieved students is available in addition to recounting of marks.

Instant & Supplementary Examination

To save academic year of the students who are unsuccessful only in one paper, instant examination facility is available, to complete a semester, in addition to supplementary examination.

Paperless Exams

Emphasis will be made to implement paperless examination with the use of latest technology like I-pad with cloud computing etc. in the near future.

VISA Processing

After successful completion of professional courses like B.Tech, M.Tech and MBA, . etc., the complete student database, which includes marks sheets, is submitted to JNTUH, and Telangana State Council for Higher Education to check the authenticity of the candidature by other organization such as Embassy, Universities. This will eventually become hurdle to the fraudulent methods.