Vaagdevi nurtures research throughout its campus and associated environment. Research is its breath and life. Research is in every activity of its faculty and students. Students develop their skills in experimenting in the class rooms, laboratories and project activity centers. The problems that are identified are the further research topics and improvements in the lessons. These are internally generated thrust for research.

Interactions with Industry throw new perspectives for faculty as well as students which triggers further research projects @Vaagdevi.

Pure Research is the one where faculty and students are involved by observing the societal problems, technological advances, fundamental / theoretical issues are studied. Students and Faculty use Open / Sacred Spaces for introspection on these issues of research.

Each Department and Inter-disciplinary centers / units conduct monthly and quarterly reviews of various research works.

Management incentivizes the faculty for research work in terms of awards for publications, conference attendance, and encouragement with huge investments for equipment and infrastructure.