Consultancy Projects @ Vaagdevi

Research and Problem Solving is the life line for all Faculty @Vaagdevi. We have different routes, how we receive the problem statements from the Industry –

  • Through our student internships where faculty get connected to the organizations and understand the problems and the same is given as projects to the students and resolution / solution arrived at. Here, in this case no fees involved its mutual benefit and experience gained solution obtained.
  • Vaagdevi gets into an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) giving an opportunity for industry organizations to make use of its facilities as well as Talent available @Vaagdevi. Depending on the clauses in MoU the services may be charged on peruse basis or on project basis.
  • Walk-in Services, any organization can approach Vaagdevi for solution to their problem. In that case Faculty @Vaagdevi would propose an approach and solution for implementation with cost and timelines for the services. If this is acceptable, the organization and Vaagdevi would get into an agreement and execute the consultancy project.

Except in Internship type consultancy, the faculty involved in any consultancy will be awarded additional compensation up to a certain limit of the project cost. Vaagdevi encourages all its faculty to take active participation.