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Internships – Summer / Final

Internships  – Summer / Final

Internships are the main route through which the students of our best engineering college get themselves equipped with the real-life experience before they graduate out of the institute. There are various options to get the Internship – 1) Students themselves scout and identify the opportunities through the internet, personal connect, etc. In this case, the institute verify the organization and provide the necessary support after taking the consent of the parents; 2) Vaagdevi colleges have tie-ups with various training institutes where they provide relevant skills and then provide project problem for the students; 3) This is placing the students into real industry organizations/companies for real experience. This is again done through Vaagdevi colleges tie-up organization. Except option 1, the other two options involve money payment by the students depending on the choice taken.

These internships are summer and final. In Summer, it is only 5 to 6 weeks duration and minor project work will be done, whereas Final Internship is in the final year 2nd semester completing for the project work and has the potential for job absorption depending on the performance of the VCE student.