Alumni Objectives

• To provide a platform for meeting and exchange of new and innovative ideas among the alumni, present students, faculty members and other members of the Association.

• To strengthen Interaction with alumni and operate on activities for the benefit of the present students of the institute.

• To build a positive and continuing relationship with Alumni to facilitate greater collaboration for mutual well-being and progress.

• Regular alumni meets will help in receiving constant updates regarding current insights of changing industry needs, which in turn helps in tuning the final year students such that they meet the industry requirements.

• Alumni contributes in framing of course curriculum by communicating the ideas of changing needs of the industry and thus help in incorporating industry need in to the curriculum.

• The Alumni contacts help in providing the existing students with better job opportunities because their seniors can create a perfect platform in the corporate world with their knowledge and values.

• The institute reputation mostly relies on how successful their alumni are in the real world.

• Invited talks and guest lectures are organized by alumni which can have more impact on present students as they can see their future in them.

• Alumni are also engaged in student activities as facilitators and jury members.