Goal Setting  & Tracking

Generation-Z students have very high ambitions of becoming leaders in their field. Hence Vaagdevi colleges adopt a “Goal Orientation and Tracking” approach for the students. Every VEC student has to complete the survey from first year onwards and then the data at both individual and group level are used to direct, coach and mentor them to reach towards the goal. For example, the currents prefer the following:

Purpose of Goal Setting

The majority of the younger generation is easy-going without proper life goal and they complete the college days and come out without firm direction to move forward in life. In addition to this, changes in the market/society are so fast, they are confused about what to do and where to go. With this background, our autonomous college in Warangal has purposefully set up Goal Orientation and Tracking for all the students.

Framework of Goal Setting & Tracking

Every VCE student at the beginning of the year mandatorily completes a Goal Orientation Form. All the filled-in forms will be analysed and year-wise / branch-wise students will be formed into groups for mentoring, guidance. As the student progresses the goal is reviewed and tracked at every year and by the time student is passing out, he/she would have much clarity on what they want to achieve in life/career.

The form would consist of the items on the goal, dream job, strategy, status, values, drivers, and SWOT, etc.

Execution / Implementation

  • Based on the survey results (filled in by all the students), the students of Vaagdevi colleges will be combined into groups and they will be properly guided by the Faculty mentors every week;
  • Faculty would be briefed on the grouping of the students and alerted on what kind of examples/explanations may be appropriate for them along with others;
  • Expert Talks / Lectures / Interactions will be arranged for the VCE students to get more exposure and knowledge.
  • As the Survey is taken every year, the goal is reviewed annually and the student perceptions may change and accordingly his / her choices and exposure.
  • This Goal Setting and Tracking will help choose the industry, project, internship, etc. Thus the student will certain mature as to get into professional life and that serves the purpose of the goal setting and tracking @Vaagdevi College of Engineering.