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Why a Student Joins Vaagdevi?

Why a Student Joins Vaagdevi ?

Vaagdevi Colleges are known for personalised education like none other compared to top engineering colleges in Telangana, delivering high-quality teaching and creating an outstanding student experience and outcomes for our students remains at the heart of our offering as a top Engineering College. Already in that process, we have committed to the new assessment and feedback policies to guarantee that all students receive clear and timely feedback with the guidance of academic tutors to support our students through their studies. We will continue to work on improving our efforts and make more commitments to deliver the best experience for our students and develop a learning environment and outcomes that achieve many more laurels for our autonomous college in Telangana.

Every Student and Parent has a lot of aspirations and dreams to achieve after they complete the studies from the college. And this is left to themselves to work out by any normal college/institute. However, Vaagdevi colleges work along with the student and coach / mentor them on how to achieve their dreams/aspirations. The faculty provides “personalized education” through maintaining individual student log. Further, it provides industry exposure through summer and major internships. Our autonomous college in Warangal engages students with goal orientation and digital learning edge besides hands-on projects in Student Activity centres. Vaagdevi colleges strengthen each and every student taking through a module of “Self-Management and Learning”.

  • Students can expect the best learning experience, career support, and development through our industry links and placement opportunities.
  • Students can trust in our strategic approach and commitment to improving employment and entrepreneurship
  • Our consistent support for VEC students through personal tutoring and attendance monitoring
  • VEC has an established culture that facilitates recognises and rewards excellent students