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About Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is a part of Computer Science, focused on systems which can solve problems and perform tasks that require human like intelligence. Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence, providing systems the ability for (humanly) decision making and enhances the performance, based on their results. Learning this course, Students can provide innovative solutions to business and real world problems.

AI and ML Technologies
  1. Machine Learning using Python
  2. Computer Vision
  3. Tensor Flow
  4. Deep Learning
  5. Neural Networks
  6. Natural Language Processing
  7. Speech Recognition
  8. Decision Management
  9. AI with Cloud
Career Opportunities
  1. AI Engineer: AI Engineer will be responsible for commercialization of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing and Machine Intelligence Technologies for company’s businesses. Currently, companies are looking for well knowledge and experienced engineer who is keen to involve in new initiative of AI projects across companies.
  2. ML Engineer: ML Engineer will help the company create artificial intelligence products. He/she will be entitled to create machine learning models and retraining systems. To do this job successfully, the person needs exceptional skills in statistics and programming.
  3. Research Scientist: Research scientist is responsible for designing, undertaking and analyzing information from controlled laboratory-based investigations, experiments and trials. You could work for government laboratories, environmental organizations, specialist research organizations or universities.
  4. ML Researcher: The companies with vacancy for ML Intelligent System Researchers are looking for creative & motivated researchers to work on topics related to Pervasive Computing/Intelligent Systems. The candidate is expected to have the ability to explore real life problems and identify the research challenges as part of the team engaged in bringing Intelligence to the next generation of Intelligent Systems using Machine Learning.
  5. ML Architect: ML Architect will be entitled to build scalable machine learning systems and data-driven products working with cross functional teams Working w/ cloud services like AWS, Microsoft, IBM, and Google Cloud Working w/ one or more of the following Natural Language Processing, text understanding, classification, pattern recognition, recommendation systems, targeting systems, ranking systems or similar.
  6. Data Scientist: Data Scientist will be responsible for modeling complex problems, discovering insights and identifying opportunities through the use of statistical, machine learning, algorithmic, data mining and visualization techniques
  7. Business Intelligence Developer: A BI developer spends a lot of time researching and planning solutions for existing problems within the company. BI developers also are responsible for building OLAP, or online analytical processing. They also work with databases, both relational and multidimensional.
  8. Business Development Manager: Business Development Manager will be professional with broad and deep experience in both the business and technical aspects of cloud computing, especially in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).
 Expertise Faculty for AI and ML
  1. Dr. Bandi Krishna
  2. Dr. K. Rajesh Khanna
  3. Dr. M. Sukesh
  4. Dr. Venkateshwarlu Velde