Campus Culture @ Vaagdevi

Vaagdevi College of Engineering Campus is lively with thousands of students moving around, yet quiet and calm during the period when classes are running. Students are encouraged to freely choose their courses, their learning styles. Vaagdevi students give due credit to their faculty/teachers. They can approach their faculty as well as authorities without hesitation and anytime. Rules are always flexible in favor of the students, except where the university demands compliance. Many of these teach the students beyond the textbooks.

Vaagdevi College of Engineering is having plenty of professional societies like, IEEE, IETE, IE(I), CSI, ACCE(I), etc. which help the students to grow professionally and develop organizational and communication skills. There are several amateur clubs like photography, literary, etc. that make the events @Vaagdevi student-driven and colorful across the campus. Through literary events, students master their communication skills; overcome stage fear with group discussions. Vaagdevi was awarded by StumagZ during the Undergraduate Summit 2018 with the winner of “Most Student Events” conducted in 2017-18. Further Vaagdevi IEEE student Branch has conducted “All Hyderabad IEEE Computer Society Student Congress 2018” with all-time record participation for any student branch in the region.

Besides the professional societies and amateur clubs, VEC's students organize games and sports competitions annually. Further, students on their own annually organize a national level “Technocraft” a techno-cultural symposium attracting talent from top engineering colleges far and wide across the nation. This enables Vaagdevi students’ to exhibit their caliber to handle large events.

You would only see @Vaagdevi, that students asking for the celebration of “Traditional Day” where each class students compete with their fellow sections and branches in decorating their environment and treating their faculty members. Besides these, it is the day of all the photography beelines as everyone wants to preserve their traditional attire with his / her friends. It is a colorful atmosphere to watch on the campus of our best engineering college. On this day, usually, you would have a prominent personality addressing the students to continue the age-old traditions. The most coveted event @Vaagdevi College of Engineering is the Annual student day celebrations. One must see this event which has components of entertainment, motivation, business acumen, organizing skills and concern to fellow students, parents and environment. How each of these components manifests during the event, is a separate topic of discussion and one learns a lot through each of them. The highlight of our autonomous college in Telangana is that all the faculty and management always stand by the side of students to learn and achieve the dreams.