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Vaagdevi College of Engineering is a thriving college among the best engineering colleges in Telangana with the faculty and students producing visible results for which the fraternity can be proud of. The milieu in the college is such that it encourages the faculty to actively participate in activities like scientific research projects, academic papers & patents, taking part in workshops that help update their subject knowledge, makes for an atmosphere very conducive to learning. In view of the dynamic atmosphere of the best engineering college in Warangal, it is not surprising when both students and as well as faculty produce tangible results. We honour the achievements, who have excelled in their endeavours and we are immensely proud of their success. Creates learning and working environments that encourage you to reach your potential and discover your unique purpose. Below are the stellar performances of VCE faculty and students over the last few years.

List of Faculty Qualified in NPTEL Online Certification Courses July-August-October 2019.

NPTEL (12-week course) July-October 2019:

i. Switching Circuits and Logic Design

  • Mr. Bhukya Vijay Kumar NPTEL Certificate

  • ii. Digital Circuits

  • Mr. Ch. Anilkumar NPTEL Certificate

  • Mr. U. Kiran NPTEL Certificate

  • iii. Digital Image Processing

  • Ms. B.Sreedevi NPTEL Certificate

  • Ms. V.Sabitha NPTEL Certificate

  • Ms. S.Vaishali NPTEL Certificate

  • iv. Introduction to IoT

  • Dr. Nishu Gupta NPTEL Certificate

  • v. Microelectronics Devices to Circuits

  • Mr. V. Sudheer Raja NPTEL Certificate

  • 2. NPTEL (8-week course) August-October 2019:

    i. Principles of Modern CDMA_MIMO_OFDM Wireless

  • Dr. Dipen Bepari NPTEL Certificate

  • ii. Hardware Modeling Using Verilog

  • Dr. D. R. Ramji NPTEL Certificate

  • Mr. G. Babu NPTEL Certificate

  • List of Faculty Qualified in NPTEL Online Certification  Courses January-March-April 2019

    Analog Circuits (NPTEL19EE10)

    Mrs. B.Sreedevi NPTEL Certificate

    Mr. V. Sudheer Raja NPTEL Certificate

    Mrs. V. Sabitha NPTEL Certificate

    Mr. B. Vijay Kumar NPTEL Certificate

    Mrs. S. Vaishali NPTEL Certificate

    CMOS Digital VLSI Design_NPTEL19EE25

    Mr. V. Sudheer Raja NPTEL Certificate

    Mr. Ch. Anil Kumar NPTEL Certificate

    Mrs. S. Swathi NPTEL Certificate

    Mr. M. Devadas NPTEL Certificate

    Mr. D. R Ramji NPTEL Certificate

    Digital Electronic Circuits (NPTEL19EE09)

    Mrs. B. Jaya NPTEL Certificate

    Ms. K. Swapna NPTEL Certificate

    Mrs. G. Radhika NPTEL Certificate

    Mr. M. Devadas NPTEL Certificate

    Modern Digital Cmmuniation techniques(NPTEL19EE06)

    J. lingaiah NPTEL Certificate


    Mr. M.A.H. Shamshi NPTEL Certificate

    Principles of Communication Systems-I (NPTEL19EE08)

    Dr. K. Sowjanya NPTEL Certificate

    Electromagnetic Waves in Guided and Wireless Media (NPTEL19EE21)

    Ms. Udutha Saritha NPTEL Certificate