Chairman's Message

We have had Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Vaagdevi Colleges, renowned among top engineering colleges in Warangal. On this occasion, We would like to introspect on the education system and the values it is imparting to the younger generation – Z and the role Vaagdevi colleges as the best engineering college & pg college in Warangal. In earlier days, students used to be comparatively disciplined and respect their teachers and in turn the teachers impart knowledge as well as values of integrity, honesty, the courage to stand up for the truth, etc. However, these values are getting eroded and leaving the students directionless and confused where to go and on the other hand, the teachers are struggling to cope up with the pace of technological changes happening in the market and society. Under these circumstances, Vaagdevi colleges are is launching to set the direction for its students in Goal Setting and Tracking as well as Self-Management & Learning so as to face the stiff challenges ahead of their career and life. Teachers can only keep abreast of the new technologies through continuous research and development activities which Vaagdevi is encouraging each one of its faculties with necessary incentives. I am happy that most of our students who graduated from our Vaagdevi College of Engineering have been very well placed both in India and outside in the organizations of their choice and some of them have even started their own ventures. We are a happy lot that our students have spread far and wide globally and many have excelled as academicians, administrators, executives, professionals, yet our efforts will go on and on forever in ensuring them a bright and wonderful career.

Our goal is to be a progressive educational institution, dedicated to further the careers of students who step into our institute, provide absolute support to our intellectual faculty, offer world-class facilities and student-friendly educational system. As one of the best placement engineering colleges, it is a commitment on our part to create best and brilliant graduates with academic merit and skills required to be employable. Every step of the way students at Vaagdevi colleges will have all the support they need to be a creative professional with an exciting and rewarding career ahead of them. In the coming years, our Engineering & PG college in Warangal aims to educate many more students from the local and rural areas to grow as skilled individuals making their families proud & impacting the society positively around them. On the placement frontage, as one among the best placement engineering colleges, we have had an excellent track record of campus placements records amid private institutions in India. Our students are well rated by employers from industry and commerce in the private and public sectors. I would like to congratulate all students & faculty for being a part of our journey & contributing to a new era of education.

Secretary's Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Vaagdevi College of Engineering, where commitment to excellence is at the core of our Engineering & PG college in Warangal. Gone are the days, where several hundred/thousands are taken for the same job/role. Now the market and technology have changed. It is the age of mass customization, AI and Machine Learning. In tune with the needs, we have to help/educate students in an “Individualized Education Mode” to develop their unique skills and Vaagdevi being the best engineering college in Warangal would be at the forefront for the same and march forward to be world-class institute/university. We will strive with all our energies and state-of-the-art infrastructure including hi-tech interactive AC classrooms, computer labs with latest computer resources, well-stacked library with digital access, AC seminar hall, conference rooms, placement cell and other amenities. In this process of being one of the best engineering colleges in Telangana, we leave no stone unturned in engaging all the stakeholders, academicians, executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, consultants, alumni etc to deploy our students with unique skills and industry readiness attracting renowned brands to the campus. I take this opportunity to cordially invite industrial organizations, professionals and academicians to visit our Engineering & PG college in Warangal and develop meaningful relationships in a win-win situation.

We have and will continue to provide an exemplary educational experience that nurtures an international perspective developed through the challenging programs. Not only do our students demonstrate excellent academic progress and achievement while at our Engineering & PG college in Warangal, but they also become grounded in the important qualities of integrity, leadership, adaptability, resilience, and true compassion for others. The unique and beautiful campus of our Engineering & Telangana PG college is the backdrop for an institution determined to have a profoundly positive impact on the personal lives of its students as well as assuring a great education. With a focus on being one among top engineering colleges and learning-centered institution, we move forward in preparing students to be successful as modern global citizens. The strategic plan, excellent teaching and support staff, parents, and management Board are aligned with and support achieving our vision through our educational programs. I am inspired by the possibilities that exist for our students & faculty at our Engineering & Telangana PG college this year and in the years to come. I congratulate & welcome all students & faculty who have been with us & contributed a hundredfold in making our Vaagdevi College of Engineering, one of the top engineering colleges & pg college in Warangal.

Joint Secretary's Message

Vaagdevi College of Engineering is for students of the current generation who want to explore multiple things on their own. They need choices to be given so that they excel in what they want. Our autonomous college in Telangana, renowned among top engineering colleges & best PG college in Warangal has set up multiple spaces – Learning Spaces, Practical Spaces, Activity / Project Spaces, Sports Spaces and Open/Sacred Spaces – for the students to experience different ways to gain knowledge and application. These spaces will have Facilitators, Mentors and Monitors to guide the students to achieve their knowledge objectives. Besides these Spaces, our Engineering & PG college in Warangal has a number of Professional Societies and Amateur Clubs to hone up student extra-curricular and co-curricular activities and skills. All these are executed/implemented in a high-quality standard with meticulous processes and systems in place. We ensure the student who enters the Institute will leave after the course duration, with confidence, goal direction, self-managed and responsible person into the society ready to contribute for growth and development. It is the duty of every student should learn to excel and excellence always leads to success in life and to remain invaluable to the community in which we serve and Vaagdevi College of Engineering, provides a right atmosphere in that direction.

As one of the best placement engineering colleges, we see the bigger picture and lend a hand to students who want to find a place within it. Your aspirations and dreams are important to us and we will facilitate all possible ways to fulfill your dreams in a diverse and international society. That is the fabric of best engineering colleges & we promise to keep up the standards to develop students' lives and leadership skills that employers recognize as the hallmark of supreme students. We are investing overwhelmingly in ultra-modern learning amenities across campus, introducing the up-to-the-minute learning technologies, attracting foremost and rising industry idols across the country. So I welcome each one of aspiring students to be a part of the most gorgeous campus of our Engineering & PG college in Warangal and be intellectually awakened with pioneering faculty focused on ensuring our students receive a very high-quality education. I welcome you to Vaagdevi College of Engineering, and appreciate your parents, for entrusting us to shape your career.

Principal's Message

Our autonomous college in Telangana was created to provide education for character building and leadership along with academics with the support of a dedicated and capable team of educators. The college has the privilege of having a healthy, harmonious ambiance and rich values which have played a pivotal role in shaping the future of our students. Our mission is to transform students into rational thinkers, competent professionals, law-abiding citizens, and spiritually enlightened individuals. This is our firm belief that the rich values and traditions imbibed here would carry anyone to greater heights. Our Engineering & Telangana PG college has an elongated and proud ritual of academic and research excellence for students to choose from undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degree courses across a wide range of disciplines. Our teaching model is not just proposed for attaining knowledge, but also to support student’s spiritual, moral, communal and creative development to get outfitted them for the opportunities, responsibilities, and understanding of life. Our mission is to bring top-notch research and education, enlightening our alumnae to become impactful leaders & innovators benefiting our society with their endeavors and influence.

Vaagdevi College of Engineering has world-class infrastructure, salubrious and well-maintained Wi-Fi enabled campus, well-equipped libraries, Hi-Tech laboratories, dedicated academician support, an ideal and conducive environment for imparting an education that can be benchmarked against the paramount in the world. Our autonomous college in Warangal has one-on-one career guidance programs is an excellent platform for students to master communication, problem-solving skills, team-working attitude, intellectual attentiveness. With the far-reaching vision of our best Engg college & PG college in Warangal, we are set to craft a new model of higher education with a welcoming environment & intellectual climate in which students are encouraged to excel. I anticipate all aspiring students to join Vaagdevi College of Engineering, one of the best placement engineering colleges into a rewarding walk towards employment and securing your future.