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Student Clubs

Student Clubs

These clubs are part of student activities in college which are very much required as a part of all-round development of the student joining in college. By having these clubs along with academics brings a refreshing dimension to the college. Each club will have a faculty coordinator and student coordinators. The faculty coordinator will be changed with a 2-year cycle and student coordinators will be selected for every year before August 15th. Every academic year Two National Level events will be conducted (one in each semester) by all student clubs together. All these clubs will come under the umbrella of VAAGDEVI SAVISKARA which will be headed by faculty members and student council (Which will Change every year). The two annual events are divided into Technical and Non-Technical. One is TECHWIZ (or Technocraft) and another is VAAGDEVI VASANTOTSAVAM (VaagTarang). Both these events will be conducted after 1st MID of their respective semesters. Students can participate in any club activities without restrictions. Student while joining college has to opt for atleast one club activity.


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Dr. Durga Hari Kiran B

Assistant Professor

Electrical and Electronics Engineering