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It was the time of political turmoil and winds against the engineering colleges establishment, there was a serious need of developing technical manpower. Besides these, there is an emphatic requirement of individualized personal technical education to develop skilled confident qualified graduates. That's when the seed of Vaagdevi College of Engineering, the best engineering college in Warangal is sown by "Viswambhara Educational Society". Now Vaagdevi is a 20-year-old young institute among the top engineering colleges in Telangana marching forward to become world-renowned institute/university focusing on creating graduates who are responsible, solving problems of society locally and globally.

Reasons for Vaagdevi as Destination

  • Having 58 PhD Faculty and 58 PhD Pursuing Faculty
  • The student is the Top Most Priority at our best Engg college
  • Learning is the Prime Interest for Student and Faculty
  • Digital and Environment of World Wide Education Opportunities
  • Choice Based Credit System
  • Professional Attitude / Orientation training at our Telangana pg college
  • Goal Orientation and Tracking
  • Technical and Domain Knowledge Skills
  • Internships and Industry Readiness
  • Research & Facilities and Explore Options across the Globe
  • Latest Programs

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    Students join our best engineering college in Warangal with a lot of dreams and these need to be nurtured and channelized so that by the time student graduates, he/she should be in a position to realize those dreams. Thus Vaagdevi as a top pg college in Warangal offers the following along with Technical Knowledge Skills:

  • Goal Orientation and Tracking
  • Self-Management and Learning
  • Communication Skills
  • Domain Knowledge Skills
  • Industry Readiness
  • Global Exposure


    Our autonomous college in Telangana offers the requisite skills to students with a strong academic curriculum in a most personalized educational approach. Vaagdevi College of Engineering gives utmost freedom to the students, they can choose the subject they want to study (within their stream and interdisciplinary). For some reason, if a student wants to do something different of more interest, he/she can speed time in "Student Activity Centre" where facilities and mentors are available to learn different things. Further, to mend the difficult students, VCE has personalized mentoring and counselling service. Besides above the faculty maintains individual "student log" where the performance is tracked so that the behaviour is predictable.

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