Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)

Chief Coordinator: Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)
Designation: Assoc.Professor-EEED.,
Faculty Coordinator: Vaagdevi Electrical Student’s Association
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E-Mail I'd: venugopal_t@vaagdevi.edu.in

About the EDC Cell

The EDC Cell at Vaagdevi was Formed in october 2011, The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) at Vaagdevi college of Engineering is a self financing and not – for – profit autonomous body keeping in view the vision and mission of Vaagdevi college of Engineering and Government of India. The Government has identified ‘Entrepreneurship’ as one of the principal mechanisms for the mitigation of Unemployment and Under-employment amongst Science & Technology Graduates in the country today. It is an initiative that aims at cultivating the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the students in the campus. National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), set up in 1982 under the DST, felt that the EDCs, in some contexts known as Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Cells (IEDCs), created in the Educational Institutions would not only help in strengthening Industry-Institute Interaction, but also promote Entrepreneurial Culture in Technical Institutions and Institutes of Higher Learning. In order to make optimal use of Facilities, Expertise and know-how available in the Technical Institutions, it has been necessary that appropriate links are established between Institutions and the Industry. Special emphasis has been laid on Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment, keeping in view the present mandate of Trained Manpower that graduate out of Technical Institutions. Our EDC cell also tries to start and support start-ups in Vaagdevi to scale up. It has also collaborated with organizations such as EDBI, NEN, EDC-JNTUH, SEDBI, NABARD and various NGO’s and other colleges to organize events such as entrepreneurship awareness camps, 4-Week entrepreneurship development program, 2-week faculty development program and dozens of similar events on the campus to encourage students on campus and in the region to create their own ventures by providing them mentorship facilities.

Objectives of Entrepreneurship Development Cell

1. To act as an institutional mechanism for providing various services including information on all aspect of enterprise building to budding S&T entrepreneurs.

2. To foster better linkages between the Parent Institution, Industries and R&D institutions in the region and other related organizations engaged in promoting Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs).

3. To catalyze and promote development of S&T knowledge-based enterprises and promote employment opportunities in the innovative areas.

4. To respond effectively to the emerging challenges and opportunities both at national and international level relating to SMEs and micro enterprises.

Functions of Entrepreneurship Development Cell

• To organise Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps, Entrepreneurship Development Programmes and Faculty Development Programmes in the region for the benefit of S&T persons.

• To develop and introduce curriculum on Entrepreneurship Development at various levels including degree/diploma courses of the parent institution and other institutes in the region.

• To conduct research work and survey for identifying entrepreneurial opportunities (particularly in S&T areas and service sector).

• To guide and assist prospective entrepreneurs on various aspects such as preparing project reports, obtaining project approvals, loans and facilities from agencies of support system, information on technologies, etc.

• To organise guest lectures, TV & Radio talks, Seminars, etc. for promotion and growth of S&T based entrepreneurship.

• To arrange visits to industries for prospective entrepreneurs.

• To extend necessary guidance and escort services to the trainees in obtaining approval and execution of their projects.

• To act as a Regional Information Centre on business opportunities, processes, technologies, market, etc. by creating and maintaining relevant data bases.

• To provide testing, calibration, quality assurance, design, tool room, pilot plant and other facilities for entrepreneurs besides expertise in intellectual property rights, patents search, etc.

• To render advice to sick enterprises and assist the entrepreneurs in rehabilitating them.

• To conduct skill development training programmes leading to self/wage employment.

Minutes of Meeting

Minutes of Meeting 2018 - Year Click Here
Minutes of Meeting 2017 - Year Click Here
Minutes of Meeting 2016 - Year Click Here
Minutes of Meeting 2015 - Year Click Here
Minutes of Meeting 2014 - Year Click Here
Minutes of Meeting 2013 - Year Click Here
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EDC Cell Committee in 2018

S.No Name Department Position
1 Mr. T. Venu Gopal EEE Chief Coordinator
2 Dr. K. Sowjanya ECE Member
3 Mr. M. Anil Civil Member
4 Dr. M .Suresh CSE Member
5 Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Sajjan Mech Member
6 Dr. Shafee BSH Member
7 Dr. B. Vijay MBA Member

EDC Cell Committee in 2016

S.No Name Department Position
1 Mr. T. Venu Gopal EEE Chief Coordinator
2 Mr. M.Suresh CSE Member
3 Mr. Mirza Civil Member
4 Mr. Shafee BSH Member
5 Dr. B. Vijay MBA Member
6 Mrs. B. Jaya ECE Member

EDC Cell Committee in 2014

S.No Name Department Position
1 Mr. T. Venu Gopal EEE Chief Coordinator
2 Mr. E. Goutham CSE Member
3 Mr. Mirza Civil Member
4 Mr. Shafee ur rehman BSH Member
5 Mrs. V. Sravanthi Mech Member
6 Mrs. B. Jaya ECE Member
7 Mrs. S. Sarika MBA Member

Entrepreneurship Activities by EDC-VCEW

Entrepreneurship Development Cell at Vaagdevi College of Engineering was established in the year 2011 by Vishwambhara Educational Society with a vision to promote Entrepreneurship awareness, understand and practice concepts of experimental learning, manage and develop industry. In this regard the EDC-VCEW has organized the following diverse activities till date.

Date/Year Name of the Event Courtesy Participants
5th March-2011 “Entrepreneurship awareness Camp“ JNTUH-EDC Collaboration 300- Participants
19th to 21st Jan-2012 Entrepreneurship awareness Programme (Conducted) EDC-VCEW-NEDCAP,NABARD NEN 325-Nos Regional Level
1st to 3rd May-2013 Entrepreneurship awareness Camp (Conducted) EDC-VCEW & Edc-jntuh Sponsored by Jana Shikshan Sansthan 230-Nos Regional Level
19th Aug to 31st Aug-2013 Faculty Development Programme in Entrepreneurship EDC-Osmania Unversity 2-Nos Participants
February 1st week 2014 Entrepreneurship Development Programme for Women(WEDP) Sponsored by EDII (4 weeks ) Entrepreneurship Development Cell Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad Kukatpally, Hyderabad - 500 085 Andhra Pradesh 3
25TH to 26th Feb-2014 Entrepreneurship awareness Camp (Conducted) EDC-VCEW & Edc-jntuh Sponsored by Edii-90i 350-Nos National Level
31st July to 11th Sept 2014 Entrepreneurship Development Programme on Solar Power Technologies Edc-jntuh & Edii Dept of Scince & Technology 3-Nos 60 days Attended
19TH March-2015 Technology Entrepreneurship Programme TEP-2015 EDC-VCEW & Indian School of Business International MOU in Process
9TH to 10TH March-2015 2nd International conference on “Next generation for Entrepreneurial Engineers” EDC-VCEW & SR-EDC Paper Published
2nd Oct to 8th Oct-2016 Entrepreneurship Development Programme Sri Venkateshwara University Tirupati 2-Nos Faculty Participants
11TH Oct-2016 Paper Presentation on “Make in India” Entrepreneurs Council of India Karnataka Chapter 3Nos
11th to 23rd September 2017 Faculty Development Programme in Entrepreneurship Development Sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi Ni-MSME 84
11th September - 7th October 2017 Entrepreneurship Development Programme (Sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi) Ni-MSME 67
21st May 2019 Faculty Development Program | India Vision 2030: Navigating the Next Decade. TASK IFIT Research Forum 21ID 1Faculty

NIMSME Sponsored

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EDC-Workshop Report

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