College Research Committee

Vaagdevi College of Engineering has a Research Committee comprising of the following members Chairman, Dean R & D, Coordinator, Members HoDs, Ex-Officio Members. Research, education, and extension are integral parts of our Telangana pg college. The reputation of any Institute depends on the quality of research and education. Research publications carry substantial weight in the faculty selection, promotions, increment and academic performance index (API) as advised by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Good API scores are required for career advancement and promotions. Many Universities have mandatory provision for a certain number of publications before submitting Ph.D. thesis and to get recognition as a Ph.D. guide.

S. No. Name of the Staff Member Designation
1 Prof. P. Venkat Reddy, Dean R& D Chairman
2 Dr. M. Vishnu Prasad, Asst. Prof-EEE, Associate Dean, R&D Coordinator
3 Dr. A. R. Prakash, Asst. Prof-Civil Member
4 Dr. Parvesh Kumar, Asst. Prof-Mech Member
5 Dr. M.Ranjeeth, Asst. Prof-ECE Member
6 Dr. Ayesha Bhanu Mohd, Asst. Prof-CSE Member
7 Dr. Shamshuddin Md, Asst. Prof-BSH Member
8 Dr. G. Ravi Kumar, Asst. Prof-MBA Member

Functions of the “College Research Committee (CRC)” are:

• To make Vaagdevi Colleges as a Research Centre of affiliating University/Other Organizations.

• To provide seed money to investigate the research problem and to prepare a document to submit to AICTE, DST, UGC etc., for financial assistance.

• To provide adequate infrastructure and support in terms of technology and information needs of our Top Engineering College.

• To create awareness among the VCE students and faculty on the culture of research and aptitude.

• To conduct/participate in workshops, training programme and sensitization programme on capacity building in terms of research and consultancy and imbibing research culture among staff and students.

• Arranging guest lecturers under Institute-Industry-Interaction programme to promote research on industry needs.

• Modernizing the existing laboratories with additional experimental setups/instruments and technology for utilizing the labs for research activity.

• To provide a facility to the faculty in the form of incentives, sabbatical leaves, academic leaves for improving their qualification and quality of research.

• To provide a budget for in-house R & D projects at our autonomous college in Warangal mentioning the guidelines and targets to achieve the expected outcome of the projects proposed.

List of Funded Projects and Schemes

S. No. Scheme Sponsored Agency Title of the Project Amount Sanctioned Principal Investigator/ Coordiantor Department Year
1 Collaborative Research Scheme JNTUH under TEQIP-III Soft Switched DC-DC LED Driver Circuit Configurations. Rs. 3.00 Lakhs Dr. Ch. Kasi Ramakrishna Reddy (PI)
Mr. K.Ranjith Kumar (Co-PI)
EEE 2019-20
2 Collaborative Research Scheme JNTUH under TEQIP-III Investigations on Multi-Input and Multi-Output Predictive Control Techniques for Industrial Drives. Rs. 2.55 Lakhs Dr. M. Vishnu Prasad (PI) EEE 2019-20
3 Collaborative Research Scheme JNTUH under TEQIP-III To Analyze the Fingertip that Aiding the Diagnosis of Cardiopathies Using Photoplethysmograpghy Technique. Rs. 2.94 Lakhs Dr. V. Janaki (Co-PI) CSE 2019-20
4 Collaborative Research Scheme JNTUH under TEQIP-III Design and Development of Vibration Based Energy Harvesting Device for Wideband Low Frequency Applications. Rs. 2.50 Lakhs Dr. Jithesh Kumar Shinde (Co-PI) ECE 2019-20
5 MODROBS AICTE Modernization of Advanced Digital Signal Processing Laboratory Rs. 12.59 Lakhs Dr. Nallatambi Govindasami ECE 2017-18
6 MODROBS AICTE Modernization of Power Electronics and Drives Laboratory Rs. 7.2 Lakhs Dr. M. Vishnu Prasad EEE 2017-18
7 Minor Research Project UGC Spread Spectrum Modulation Methods for Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drives Rs. 4.19 Lakhs Mr. P. Sadanandam EEE 2016-17
8 Faculty Development Program AICTE DSP Applications to Industrial Drives Rs. 4.00 Lakhs Dr. K.Prakash EEE 2013-14

* EEE Department Research group headed by Dr. Y Haresh Kumar has won 10 for 10 Award conducted by Typhoon HIL. This Award includes a HIL 402 Real Time Emulator with lifelong software license worth Rs. 17 Lakshs

PhDs Awarded under the guidance of Faculty members

Name of the Ph.D Scholar Name of the Department Name of the guide/s Title of the thesis Year of award of Ph.D
A. Satheesh Kumar EEE Dr. K.Prakash & Dr. Swathi Sharma Novel Techniques using DSTATCOM for Distribution System Studies 2017
P. Krishna ECE Prof K.Kishan Rao Study And Improvement Of Spectral Efficiency In Multi User Mimo Of dm-Lte Systems 2017
K.Anup Kumar CSE Dr.V.Janaki Some Problems in Cryptography and Network Security. 2015
M.Sadanandam CSE Dr.V.Janaki Text Independent Language Recognition using Statistical Approaches. 2014
Chepuri Samson CSE Dr.V.Janaki Image Compression Involving Quantization and HAAR Wavelet Transform and Image Encryption using Secret key. 2014
R.Vijaya Prakash CSE Dr.S.S.V.N.Sarma Application of Data Mining in frequent pattern and semi structured data 2014
V.Bapuji CSE Dr.S.S.V.N.Sarma Soft Computing - Mobile Ad Hoc network application 2014
R.Naveen Kumar CSE Dr.S.S.V.N.Sarma Efficient key management schemes and authenticated route formation for securing adhoc network. 2014
B.Manjula CSE Dr.S.S.V.N.Sarma Application of Data Mining techniques in tracing the of business 2013
P.Shirisha CSE Dr.S.S.V.N.Sarma Development of tool to represent/classify reusable components 2013
M.Shushanth Babu ECE Prof K.Kishan Rao Performance Study And Improvements In W-Cdma System With High Speed Networks 2013

Code Of Ethics