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Civil  Workshops

Vaagdevi College of Engineering conducts FDP’s, workshops and many more events frequently on the topics pertinent to engineering, Management and human sciences with an aim to make VCE students competent in handling practical work in an engineering environment. The workshops are organized for the staff and students together for their exposure to recent advancements. The workshops & seminars conducted by our B. Tech autonomous college in Telangana in the past few years are:

2018 – 2019 Year

Five day faculty development program on Engineering Mechanics “on 11th to 15th June 2018. Coordinator: Mr. Syed Riyaz

Two day International Conference on “Sustainable Construction Materials and Recent Innovations in Civil Engineering” SCRICE-18 on 19th and 20th July 2018.

Five day workshop on “ Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery” from 17th to 21st December 2018. Coordinators: Mr. Mirza Mubashir Ahmed Baig & Mr. D. Pruthvi Raj

Five day technical workshop on “Reconnaissance in Soil Engineering” from 29th Jan to 2nd Feb 2019. Coordinators: Dr.Sudheer Yamsani & Mr. Syed Riyaz

Five day workshop on “Total Station and GPS” on 1st to 5th Feb 2019. Coordinators: Mr. Syed Riyaz & Mr. B. Mahesh

One day workshop on “Building Information Modelling Using REVIT Architecture” on 7th Feb 2019. Coordinators: Mr. Syed Viqar Malik

Two day hand on training workshop on “Computational Structural Engineering Using MIDAS” on 28th Feb and 1st March 2019. Coordinators: Mr. Syed Viqar Malik & Mr. Mirza Mubashir Ahmed Baig


2017 – 2018 Year

One week FDP on “Building information modelling using Autodesk Revit” conducted by department of Civil Engineering from 19-03-2018 to 23-03-2018.

Two day FDP on “A Basic Applications of Universal Testing Machine” for Non teaching staff on 06-03-2018 & 07-03-2018 conducted by department of Civil Engineering.

FDP on “Recent advances in concrete & construction” from 12-02-2018 to 16-02-2018 organized by Civil Engineering.

Two day workshop on “Pavement Design, Construction & Management Systems” on 15-12-2017 & 16-12-2017 organized by Civil Engineering


2016 – 2017 Year

Workshop on “Practical Applications of Civil Engineering” from 09-02-2017 & 10-02-2017.

FDP on “Modelling and Control of Waste Water Treatment Plants” from 13-12-2016 to 17-12-2016 organized by Civil Engineering Department.

A Seminar on “Operation of Total Station” for Non-Teaching on 22-09-2016 & 23-09-2016 conducted by Civil Engineering.

2015 – 2016 Year

A Seminar on “High Performance Concrete” for Non-Teaching Staff from 11-02-2016 to 12-02-2016 conducted by Civil Engineering.

FDP on “Alternative building materials and methods” in Civil Engineering from 25-01-2016 to 29-01-2016.

FDP on “Transportation infrastructure needs and challenges in India” from 10-08-2015 to 14-08-2015 by Civil Engineering.

2014 – 2015 Year

FDP on “Effective Teaching and Learning Practices of Engineering Mechanics” from 19-03-2015 to 23-03-2015 conducted by Civil Engineering Department.